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12 1/4 Inches M166 Matrix Body Polycrystalline Diamond Drill Bits

Product Description

Soft to medium-hard formations with low compressive strength,with harder interbeds, such as claystone,marl,lignit,sandstone,tuff,etc.
The M166 is a matrix body PDC bit with 6 curved blades with back-reaming and spiral gauge protection.Optimized Hydraulic design and enhanced cleaning and cooling effects of the bits to prevent bit from balling.

Product Specification

Product Specification

Number of Blades 6
Primary Cutter Size 16mm
Nozzle Qty. 7
Gauge Length 3 Inches

Operating Parameters

RPM(r/min) 80~250
WOB(KN) 30~140
Flow Rate(lps) 28~70