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API drilling rig bits supplier IADC216 5 3/4 inches (146mm)

Product Description

Working principle

1) Revolution of drill bit The revolution speed of the drill bit is the rotation speed of the turntable or thedown hole power drilling tool. When the drill bit revolves, the cone also rotates around the axis of the drill bit. The linearspeed of each row of teeth on the cone rotating around the axis of the drill bit is different, and the linear speed of the outerrow of teeth is the largest.
2) Rotation of the drill bit When the drill bit rotates, the counterclockwise rotation of the conearound the axis of the tooth palm is called auto rotation. The rotation speed of the cone is determined by the revolution speed of the drill bit, and is related to the effect of the teeth on the bottom of the well.
3) Longitudinal vibration (axial vibration) impact crushing of the drill bit The change of the position of the wheel center makes the drill bit reciprocate up and down along the axial direction, which is the longitudinal vibration of the drill bit, which is related to the drill bit structure parameters such as tooth height and tooth spacing and lithology. Soft strata have small amplitudes, while hard strata have large amplitudes. The vibration frequency is proportional to the number of teeth and the speed of the cone. 4) Sliding shear breaking action of drill bit Crushing different types of rock requires different slippage of the drill bit, which
is determined by the structural parameters of the drill bit. In soft formations, bit slippage is large, and in hard formations, it
should be as small as possible or not slipped.


Product Specification

Basical Specification

Size of Rock Bit

5 3/4"


Bit Type

Steel Tooth Tricone Bit/ Milled tooth Tricone Bit

Thread Connection



IADC 216

Bearing Type

Journal Sealed Roller Bearing

Bearing Seal

Rubber Seal

Heel Protection


Shirttail Protection


Circulation Type

Mud Circulation

Drilling Condition

Rotary drilling,high temp drilling,deep drilling,motor drilling


Central Jet Hole

Operating Parameters

WOB (Weight On Bit)

9,879-27,904 lbs





Soft to medium formations with high compressive strength, such as mudstone,gypsum,salt,soft limestone ,etc.

5 3/4" TCI tricone bit is widely used in water well drilling, exploration, HDD pilot hole, foundation piling, it has a central jet hole design, so it is also workable for reverse circulation drilling.The bearing is sealed, the working life is much longer than open bearing roller bits.