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8.5″ inches fixed cutter PDC Bi center bit suppliers for rock drilling

Product Description

Wholesale API PDC Bi Center Drill bit in the stock from China OEM manufacturer.
Our Bi-Center drilling bits pay attention to hydraulics optimization to improve both cuttings removal. We also ensure effective cutter cooling. In order to the improved hydraulics configuration, we also care the cutting structure to ensure it is both effective and balanced.This new design is not only on a conventional assembly but also used in conjunction with bent-housing motors.
BI center bit is used for reaming hole bottom, the model No. likes 5 7/8"*7 1/2"*4 3/4" or just 5 7/8"*7 1/2" as the third diameter is not important.
5 7/8" is the passing through diameter, 7 1/2" is the reaming diameter, 4 3/4" is the diameter of front bit.
We can produce both matrix body and steel body BI center bit, the cutters could be diameter 8mm, 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, blades quantity ranges from 3 to 8.
Order procedure :
1>Confirm 3D design.
2>Trial order.
3>Testing and improvment.
4>Mass production.
If the requirement is not regular, we have mature design according to various of drilling conditions.

Product Specification

Force-balanced cutting structure-It will reduce the potential for the drilling bit including downhole dynamics events,even in demanding applications.
CFD enhanced hydraulics layout-Optimized nozzles layout-Optimized nozzles palcement and orientation ensures efficient cutter cleaning and cooling and eliminates recirculation of cuttings,reducing the risk of balling.
Large selection of premium PDC cutters-Cutter type and geometry can be optimized to be suitable the demands of each different applications.
Drillout capable-All PDC Bi center bits are designed for effective casing shoe drillout.
Directionally responsive-All PDC Bi center bit designs are engineered to be directionally friendly.

Far Eastern are  factory  specializes in drill bits,such as PDC bits, tricone bits,HDD hole opener,Foundation roller cutters for different applications.
The application including oil field,natural gas,geological exploration,driectional boring,mining ,water well drilling ,HDD, construction,and foundation.
As a leading drill bits factory in China,increase the drill bit working life is our target. We always try to improve the bits with high penetration rates.Our purpose is to sell the high quality with the lowest price.Far eastern drilling quality and technology will help you to achieve more !