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TCI cone trenchless rock reamer for foundation piling

Product Description

Wholesale 18 Inches HDD Rock Reamers IADC637G Metal-face Sealed Bearing For No-Dig  in the stock from China factory
Metal-face sealed bearing tricone bit thirds (1/3 of tri-cone bits) is popular in deep oil well drilling, the perfect quality makes it be perfect performance in HDD rock reamers ( HDD hole opener ) field,  the roller cone cutters has very long working life in long distance crossing, arm-back is covered with Tungsten Carbide Inserts.

Product Specification



Cutter Type

Metal-face Sealed Bearing Cutters For 8 1/2" Tricone Bit



Roller Cutter Quantity


Overall Length(mm)


Thread Connection


The Hole Opener Advantage

Straighter Holes - By drilling a smaller hole with a "pilot" bit, then attaching that said bit onto the bottom of the the hole opener. The hole opener will follow the path of the hole drilled by the smaller bit.
Larger Holes with Smaller Rigs - By drilling a hole in stages, larger holes can be drilled with smaller rigs. A smaller hole requires less power.
Replacing Cutters and Cutting Cost - On most Hole Opener designs, the cutters can be easily replaced. The cost to replace a cutter is a fraction of the cost to replace a large tricone rock bit.
Cost of Large Rock Bits - Larger diameter rock bits not only cost a lot, they can be difficult to find. A more economic solution is to use a hole opener that uses smaller tricone rock bit segments..