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Wholesale Piling bucket roller cones cutters for hard rock drilling

Product Description

Wholesale replaceable Single Roller Cone Cutters for Piling Bucket Drills from China factory. Foudation rock piling application always use thirds(1/3) of tricone bit, the single roller cone cutters is welded at rotary drilling bucket directly, after cutter wear  out, drillers cut the used ones down and re-weld new single roller cone cutter, cutting and rewelding is a slow procedure. After developed the square arm single roller cone cutters, replaceable single roller cones was developed at the same time which is much convenient for projects in remote areas, drillers can replace a new single roller cone cutters simply and rapidly. Welding single roller cone cutters sometimes heat the bearing and always damage it in welding procedure, welding holders other than roller cone cutters could prevent bearing heat too much before drilling. We have two types of holders, one is vertical and fixed by bolts, another one is horizontal and fixed by split pin. Features of C133 series Single Roller Cone Cutters for Piling Bucket Drills

Product Specification

Far Eastern are  factory  specializes in drill bits,such as roller cone bit, tricone roller cone bit, tricone bits,HDD hole opener,Foundation roller cutters for different applications. The application including oil field,natural gas,geological exploration,driectional boring,mining ,water well drilling ,HDD, construction,and foundation. As a leading drill bits factory in China,increase the drill bit working life is our target. We always try to improve the bits with high penetration rates.Our purpose is to sell the high quality with the lowest price.Far eastern drilling quality and technology will help you to achieve more !