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API 8 1/2″ PDC Reaming Bits for Hard Rocks Drilling

Product Description

6" pilot bit is fitted in front as guider, 8 1/2" is the reaming diameter and exact diameter of PDC bit.Long profile increases stable strength, strong ability of gauge protection is no concern on shrinkage in drilling hard rocks.

Product Specification

Product specification
Bit Diameter 6" * 8 1/2"
Body Type Steel
Thread Connection4  4 1/2 API REG PIN
Cutters Type & Quantity 13mm,16mm
Back Reaming Cutters Number 13mm
Gauge Protection Materials Tungsten Carbide, PDC Cutter
Gauge Protection Type Regular
Number of Nozzle 5 pcs; 3 pcs
Rotary Speed (RPM) 150-300
Weight on Bit (KN) 20-60
Flow Rate (L/S) 10-25