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8.5 inches single cone roller bits IADC537G for HDD rock drilling

Product Description

Wholesale API 8 1/2 inches single cone roller bit IADC537G for rock trenchless and piling bucket drilling in the stock from China OEM manufacturer.
Three pieces of single cone roller bit could build one piece of Tri-cone bit, one piece of Tri-cone bit could be connected with drill pipes to drill oil, gas, water, geothermal and many other sources underground.
In construction and infrastructure, single cone roller bit is widely used in rock drilling field mainly including trenchless and rock piling bucket drilling.
The traditional Single cone roller bits includes Cone 1 , Cone 2 , Cone 3 , and we also developed the full covered tungsten carbide inserts single cone roller bits to fit more inserts on one cone to get longer working life.
Operating Parameters
The single cone roller bits is used for Medium formations, such as medium shale, limestone, medium sandstone, medium formation with harder and abrasive interbeds, etc.

Product Specification

Far Eastern are  factory  specializes in drill bits,such as roller cone bit, tricone roller cone bit, tricone bits,HDD hole opener,Foundation roller cutters for different applications. The application including oil field,natural gas,geological exploration,driectional boring,mining ,water well drilling ,HDD, construction,and foundation.
As a leading drill bits factory in China,increase the drill bit working life is our target. We always try to improve the bits with high penetration rates.Our purpose is to sell the high quality with the lowest price.Far eastern drilling quality and technology will help you to achieve more !