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Sealed bearing drill bts IADC126 9 7/8 inches (250mm)

Product Description

Wholesale API milled tooth sealed tricone roller cones bits in the stock based on the lowest price and excellent quality from China factory
Bit Description:
IADC: 126 - Steel tooth journal sealed bearing bit for soft formations with low compressive strength and high drillability.
Compressive Strength:
0 - 35 MPA
0 - 5,000 PSI
Ground Description:
Very soft, unstratified, poorly compacted rocks such as poorly compacted clays and sandstones, marl limestones, salts, gypsum, and hard coals.
We can offer mill tooth and TCI tricone drill bits in a variety of sizes (from 3 7/8” to 26”) and most of IADC Codes.

According to cutting material,tirocne bit can be divided into TCI bit and Steel Tooth Bit .
Steel tooth tricone bits have another name milled tooth tricone bit since the teeth are produced by milling machine, the cone surface is hard-faced by tungsten carbide.
Steel teeth tricone bit is used for drilling soft formations, the advantage is higher ROP(Rate of Penetration) than TCI tricone bit, it has faster drilling down speed than Tungsten Carbide Insert tricone bit in drilling mudstone or other sticky rocks.
The steel tooth tricone bits has longer teeth than TCI tricone bits so that it can drill soft formations at high ROP.
In oil drilling projects, the ROP could reach 30 meters per hour in shallow section drilling.
When you choose a FAR EASTERN drill bit, you get the right bit for the right application, so you can stay in the hole longer with fewer trips, at a lower cost-per-foot. Because we’ve been engineering this technology successfully for more than 15 years, we are confident in our legacy and that no other drill bit manufacturer can match our expertise.
Far Eastern are factory specializes in drill bits,such as tricone bits, PDC bits, HDD hole opener,Foundation roller cutters for different applications.
As a leading drill bits factory in China,increase the drill bit working life is our target. We always try to improve the bits with high penetration rates.Our purpose is to sell the high quality with the lowest price. Far eastern drilling's quality and technology will help you to achieve more!

Product Specification

9 7/8" has a central flush hole for mud fluid circulation, the bearing is sealed and thread connection is produced in rules of API 6 5/8 reg pin.
The teeth are hard-faced by tungsten carbide, teeth life is very long in drilling mudstone and soft rocks.
Advantage of steel tooth tricone bit:
1>Higher penetration rate. The longer teeth has faster drilling down speed.
2>Anti-balling. The sticky rocks always make bit-balling, steel tooth tricone bit is suitable for drilling soft formations and sticky rocks.
Far Eastern has customers in more than 35 countries, welcome your inquiry.

Basical Specification

Size of Rock Bit

9 7/8"

250.80 mm

Bit Type

Steel Tooth Tricone Bit/ Milled tooth Tricone Bit

Thread Connection



IADC 126

Bearing Type

Journal Sealed Roller Bearing

Bearing Seal

Rubber Seal

Heel Protection


Shirttail Protection


Circulation Type

Mud Circulation

Drilling Condition

Rotary drilling,high temp drilling,deep drilling,motor drilling



Operating Parameters

WOB (Weight On Bit)






Soft formations with low compressive strength and high drillability,such as mudstone,gypsum,salt,soft limestone ,etc.