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API factory of PDC with 5 blades for oil well drilling

Product Description

Wholesale API 5 blades  6 inches  diamond PDC drill bits for very hard rocks drilling in the stock from China OEM factory.
We know PDC bits have different two materials-steel and matrix are complete opposites of one another.Tungsten Carbide grains in matrix are metallurgically bonded to form a hard and brittle composite material which is a lot more resistant than steel and is preferred in high solid-content drilling mud.Steel,on the other hand,is ductile,tough,and very well capable of withstanding greater impact loads.
Steel body PDC bits are milled from steel stock and are structurally stronger and tougher.Far Eastern Drilling as one of the most trusted steel body PDC bits manufacturers have desigined new type to suit the drilling project.Our steel body PDC bit protect the exposed parts of drilling bit from abrasion and erosion through hard-facing and coating.While steel body PDC bit is easy to produce, the production of matrix body drill bits is a rather time-consuming process.However,it must be noted that diamond impregnated bits can only be constructed of matrix.
Even though matrix body drill bits as well as steel body drill bits perform the same task,that is,drilling, the difference in their structural capabilities leads to dissimilarities in bit geometries.The main factors which influence the PDC bit design in both the materials are mechanical design parameters,hydraulic conditions,and the properties of the rock being grilled.
China Far Eastern Drilling  is  API Certified factory of tricone roller bit and PDC drill bit, we attend exhibitions in many countries each year, hope we could meet with you face to face in near future.

Product Specification

Far Eastern are  factory  specializes in drill bits,such as PDC bits, tricone bits,HDD hole opener,Foundation roller cutters for different applications. 
The application including oil field,natural gas,geological exploration,driectional boring,mining ,water well drilling ,HDD, construction,and foundation.
As a leading drill bits factory in China,increase the drill bit working life is our target. We always try to improve the bits with high penetration rates.Our purpose is to sell the high quality with the lowest price.Far eastern drilling quality and technology will help you to achieve more !